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Off Topic: What Else Are We Watching?

What other shows are we all watching? The question has come up before, so here we go. What do you watch? Do you fic anything else? General TV blabber :salute: goes here.

Right now, I'm making my way through Friday Night Lights on Netflix, after I finished Parenthood. New show I'm most interested in is This Is Us, which has been promoted as appealing to fans of Parenthood and Lost, which I also loved. Family drama, yes, but there is a twist at the end of the pilot that somewhat reminded me of the "Robin is not the mother" bit at the end of HIMYM's pilot, and the story takes place in multiple timelines during the lives of four people who share the same birthday. Only three episodes in so far, but I'm on board.

I do recap some TV shows for a publisher's website. Right now, I'm on call, as it were, for shippy moments on The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, and was for Sleepy Hollow, until they killed off half of the show's main ship, and moved the other half out of Sleepy Hollow and to Washington DC, so yeah, interesting to see what will come of the new season. Also killed off half of the secondary ship. I am starting to suspect that the writers of this show may have asked CB/CT's aid in shooting themselves in the foot, but I suppose we will see when the show returns. I did recap The Mindy Project before it went to Hulu, but don't follow it now. I have written a few Ichabod/Abbie fics for the SH fandom, but only dabbling in vignettes, not multi chapter stories like I do for HIMYM.

Thanks to eeendje, I am getting back into Law and Order: SVU. One of the detectives, Carisi, is a suit-wearing blond from Staten Island (by way of Brooklyn, or the other way round) and I would pay cash money (figuratively speaking) to see him interrogate Barney, because those two personalities would be interesting. Still in the L&O family, I am attempting to track down NPH's episode, "Want," of Criminal Intent, because that was my favorite episode of that show, though I'd forgotten, until I read it somewhere, that NPH played the perp. I'd only remembered that the perp's actor was super good, but not who it was. Had similar experiences with NPH performances (long before HIMYM, so the cast wouldn't have been on my radar as such) on Numb3rs, and movies The Next Best Thing and My Antonia.

TV as a whole, I tend more toward dramas or dramedies at present. Not ready to take on another sitcom right now, and I am fine with that. I tried the revival of The Odd Couple, with Matthew Perry, and Thomas Lennon, aka Klaus (I would totally give at least the pilot of a Klaus spinoff a fair hearing) and it was funny, but didn't feel a real connection with it, either. Could be that I'm not ready for another sitcom. Maybe this was The One.

So, how about everybody else?


Housekeeping: Post Moderation Change

Hey, all. Not sure how a comment in the moderation queue vanished. I did not deny it, but when I went to moderate, it was gone. So, I've turned off moderation on new topics. Go forth and post. Let's get talking.



So I keep saying "I'm going to share my top three fanfics of all time" list and never ended up doing it, so I thought it might make a fun weekend post??

Pick three fanfics you love. No more than three even if it's hard.
Link them.
Bonus: explain why you love them??? I love reading that shit do it for me.

HIMYM Holiday Rambles

Long week, full of adulting, so I'm sitting here, staring at the screen, reminding myself I technically still have an epilogue of It Happened One Christmas that I could be writing, and probably will when my brain is speaking to me again. Mostly staring blankly at the computer screen, so better to come here and ramble than fall into some websufing sinkhole.

Halloween stuff is everywhere, which makes me a very happy Unzadi. I collect skull themed objects, so this time of year is a veritable skull buffet. eeendje and I recently watched "The Slutty Pumpkin" together, which put HIMYM Halloweens, and other holidays on my mind. To me, Halloween (okay, actually my birthday, which is one week before Halloween) kicks off the holiday season, leading into Thanksgiving (which Robin would likely argue is before Halloween, thankyouverymuch) and Christmas and New Year's, some time in January to decompress, and then Valentine's day. But one holiday at a time, because I am rambly, but tired.

Finale aside, we can assume M/L wouldn't stay in the apartment forever. Three kids aren't going to fit into the second bedroom, which means they'll have to move, which means no more rooftop Halloweens. Then again, who wants to wrangle kids up and down the fire escape ladder? Practicality here, people, though kid Halloween costumes open up a whole new word of costume coordination.

So, with the rooftop out of the question, and presuming the gang stays intact (as in, Tracy is alive and healthy, B/R still married) what would Halloween celebrations look like from a theoretical season ten, onward? Future Ted brings up, in "The Slutty Pumpkin," how Aunt Robin is totally into Halloween and dressing up and being silly, which I can kind of see, but maybe not in such a straightforward manner to the holiday itself. More like getting involved in whatever adventure Barney has planned, going for costumes that let them take playful jabs at each other, as with the Uncle Sam and hockey player costumes, when Barney was supposed to dress as a Mountie, but couldn't do it after all.

One of the future fics in my queue happens to play out over the entire holiday season, which may be part of what brought this to mind. No real point here, other than me rambling, but fic, holidays, holiday fic, fics with holiday in them- what do we like/not like/whatever? Jump in anytime.

Discussion: Haul Out the Headcanons

When I started writing "Bound By All The Rest," the question arose of what Barney and Robin were doing in Loretta's house, if she'd already sold it in "Cleaning House." The answer, at least for me, was clear (and noted in the first chapter)- Barney and James bought the house and leased it back to Loretta so the family home could be preserved. Yep, headcanon. Made sense to me, is nowhere in the show (where did Loretta move to, anyway?) but I'm sticking to it. I know I have more, but it's late, I'm tired, and I have every faith this community has an impressive complement.

Silly or serious, what are your headcanons?


Fanfic: Forever at Last, Chapter 27

Title: Forever at Last
Chapter: 27
Summary: Barney and Robin share a moment during Ted and Tracy's wedding, which starts them both thinking about the past…and the future.

Read at ff.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10782673/27/Forever-At-Last


AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6501886/chapters/18636545

So, What Are You In For?

How did you come to the HIMYM fandom, B/R shipping, and/or this community? Talk about it here.

I almost passed on the whole deal, because who needs another generic sitcom? Famous last words, I know, before a fandom eats one's entire life, but that's where I was at the time. I already had a sitcom I watched -The Big Bang Theory, which I still watch, occasionally recap, and like, but never got into the fandom- and didn't need another. I didn't watch the pilot. Then, the next morning, the internet blew up with the big surprise - the girl the main character met in the bar was not the mother. Okay, that's different. Now, I'm interested. So I started with the second episode, IIRC, which would make my first exposure "Purple Giraffe." Tuned in to that, which I think was on after (or before?) TBBT, and bam, instantly hooked.

Didn't mind the Robin/Ted angle, because we already knew that was only going to be short time, and the whole gang was fun, plus NPH proved his sitcom chops were not a one time thing on Stark Raving Mad. I liked Ted/Victoria, and would have been fine with her as the mother, M/L were cute, I liked Robin and I liked Barney. "Zip Zip Zip" rolled around, the chemistry ignited, and, by the time Barney made his case while re-dressing after Robin shot him down, I thought they'd be an interesting pair, but nothing would come of it, because Barney was Barney, and Robin was for Ted, even if short term, but dangit, what if? So I watched. So I shipped.

Personal information: around this time, real life had several plot twists of my own, and my confidence in my own writing was at an all time low. In the old fake it til you make it theory, I made a list of things I'd done when I was at my most confident and productive with my writing in general, and the first thing that came to mind was that I'd been active in a fandom. Okay. That meant I needed to pick a fandom and engage. After dismissing a couple of other candidates, I did a search for "Barney Robin forum" and found this group, and I've been here ever since. Soon after that, my first B/R fic, "Daddy Issues," showed up in my head, and I posted it, and...here I am. The writing got better, I met other fans who became friends, read a ton of fanfic, and wouldn't have it any other way.

How about you?


So, I'm sitting here, staring once again at one of an assortment of fics in progress (we will not discuss the index card file of doom...um, I mean ideas) with willing spirit, exhausted flesh, because adulting takes energy, and appreciating the heck out of the activity on this comm as of late. I have slightly over an hour and a half before I need to do something else, and if my brain is too wrung out to write fic, I can still talk about it.

Eendje and I were discussing, in a general sense :salute: fic projects we want to work on currently/next (she correctly guessed my own personal top three) recently, which has me thinking about the broader concept of fic, from both the reading and writing perspective. Because I am nosy, I'm interested in others' experience, as readers and/or writers.

As has been discussed in another thread, there is a risk in putting things out there for public consumption. Will it misfire? Stomp on some toes? Not be somebody's cup of tea? Always a chance for the first two, almost a certainty or the third, and yet...:gestures around our metaphorical booth: here we are. The characters are still alive and still real, as only those who can capture our interest and imaginations can be.

Fanfic is quite possibly the only genre where writing wildly different scenarios for the same characters is the norm, and I like that. Maybe that's why I am able to list a top five fics-I-want-to-write, not including the category of new stuff. Also why I have scurried like a bunny to gobble down a 30+k fic someone :glances at eeendje: pointed me toward, in one night. If I could turn that into writing the same amount that quickly, well, that would be something. Same, if I could give a magic pill to my favorite fic writers to get new stuff to read, but, again, that whole adulting thing.

HIMYM is, by far, my favorite fandom I've been involved with, and, while we did have an exodus after the finale (as is common with many fandoms when the canon completes) we've got a good group here, and I love when we get a good discussion. So, in that vein- fanfic. Why write? Why read? What do you want to see? What do you want to create? What keeps you going? Talk amongst yourselves.


Just how bad was the HIMYM finale really?

A reddit user compared the average episode ratings on imdb of all significant TV shows, to the ratings of their final episodes and found the answer.


so i guess we can advert our fanfic here?

Just wanted to shamelessly self-plug a story I've been working on here! :)

Title: stay with me, go places (chapters 1, 2, & 3/6)
Characters/Pairings: GEE I WONDER. B/R, gang serving as peanut gallery.
Rating: T
Warnings: Nothing you wouldn't see on the show. Except maybe the word "fuck."
Summary: "No, we really did get divorced. It just kind of turns out that we sucked at it."
Better Summary: A take on the ever-popular B/R finale fixit, with the premise that their Meaningful Look in the alternative ending was actually the end of their reconciliation, not the beginning.
Links: FFN & AO3.

I'm pretty nervous sharing it with you ~old school fans~ so please let me know what you think! And lie if you hate it! :)

Fanfic: Forever at Last, Chapter 26

Title: Forever at Last
Chapter: 26
Summary: Barney and Robin share a moment during Ted and Tracy's wedding, which starts them both thinking about the past…and the future.

Read at ff.net:





Fanfic Updates

If anyone still checks here, I'm still writing both my B/R fics.  Here are links to the latest chapters for both:

Title: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
Chapter:  41, After 2 a.m.
Rating:  T
Summary: Small changes can cause big ripples, starting on the night Robin first walks into MacLaren's.  Barney/Robin focused AU based upon the butterfly effect.

Title: Catching The Clock
Chapter:  79, 2016 (Part 2)
Rating:  T (with some M passages)
Summary: Because their timing was all wrong, but eventually they caught up to it. The episodes of Season 7 - Season 9 and beyond, as seen through Robin's and Barney's eyes.  Note: This story only recognizes up to the legitimate canon ending in 9.22.

Fanfic: Round Robin, chs 3, 4 and 5

And the hits keep on coming...

Title: Round Robin
Summary: Barney shows up at Ted and Tracy's and announces he's moving in for, say, seven months. No reason. Not like Robin is pregnant and scary or anything. Guest room free?
Rating: K+

Note bene: This is a collaboration between Moeten and myself. One of us writes a thing, then the other writes another thing, and so on, until, well, let's leave it at until. We think.

Read at ff.net:

Chapter Three: Stop this beat is killing me

Chapter Four: No Better to be Safe Than Sorry

Chapter Five: let's get out of this country

Fanfic: Round Robin, chs 1 and 2

Title: Round Robin
Summary: Barney shows up at Ted and Tracy's and announces he's moving in for, say, seven months. No reason. Not like Robin is pregnant and scary or anything. Guest room free?
Rating: K+

Note bene: This is a collaboration between Moeten and myself. One of us writes a thing, then the other writes another thing, and so on, until, well, let's leave it at until. We think.

Read at ff.net:

Chapter One "Don't You Worry Child"

Chapter Two "Some New Air To Breathe"

Fanfic: Forever at Last, Chapter 25

Title: Forever at Last
Chapter: 25
Summary: Barney and Robin share a moment during Ted and Tracy's wedding, which starts them both thinking about the past…and the future.

Read at ff.net





It's time to make some popcorn and put on your get psyched mixes guys! We have a party tonight!

The link to the livestream is here. There is no password, but if it asks you for one just click "ok" without entering anything and it should let you in. If it doesn't just make a new account!

TO THOSE WHO HAVE A TUMBLR: The link to the tumblr advert is here - please, please, please reblog it, even if you're not coming - I really want to spread the message and do not have enough followers myself.

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Himym Party Voting

So I'm aware I'm late on this. But here is the voting for the himym party next Saturday 16th July

As we said we're focusing on season 9 this season - I'm not sure exactly how many of season 9 episodes vs old favourites we should do (feel free to comment below) but I have created two separate polls so people can vote both for season 9 episodes and all the others. Please vote in both polls :D

Voting will close early morning on the 16th.

Hope to see you there!

(no matter how much you hate season 9)

how i met my… husband?

Bear with me on this one.

About ten years ago I obtained Perrine's Literature, which is a collection of plays, short stories, poems, etc, with discussion questions and sections talking about, you know, "what narrative is," how to analyze literature. It's actually a really good collection of stories, so I kept it all these years.

Last night I was looking for something to read and flipped through it… to find a story I've read dozens of times: Alice Munroe's How I Met My Husband.

(I found a pdf version online here.)

"Haha," you're probably saying. "Similar title, interesting."

The story is about a woman named Edie, who is narrating the story of how she met her husband from an undetermined date years later. She explains that back when she was 15 and working away from home for the first time, she met a dashing pilot (Chris), who she quickly became infatuated with. Chris is pretty sketchy, and so, after several romantic/flirtatious encounters with Edie, he leaves, promising to write her and that they will reunite someday.

Edie believes him, and begins to wait outside every day for his letter, sure that Chris will write to her and send for her. On the second to last page of the story, she mentions befriending the mail carrier while she waits for Chris's letter — until one day she realizes that Chris will never return or write. She then marries the mail carrier. That is how Edie met her husband.

This story was written in 1974, and … there's some definite interesting parallels, aren't there?

Of course the story itself has some big differences: it's a woman's POV, Chris is incredibly sketchy (which adult Edie recognizes), and obviously it's not a sitcom and not played for laughs or romance. But the "narration from the future", title, and the plot twist of the 11th hour character being the titular one are pretty spot on. Makes me wonder if anyone read it in college…

HIMYM Party Nominations!

Sorry it's so late been busy with the usual - you know exam results, packing, holidays, my country doing it's best to screw over itself and the rest of the world (am starting to feel like we're in the bad 2015 timeline Ted was imagining in "Trilogy Time" tbh) etc...

But anyway, we've set the date for the next rewatch for Saturday 16th July

You know the drill now. Nominate episodes here, until Friday 8th July and then I will put up a poll so we can vote for the favourites!

Hope you guys can make it :D

When can you make a livestream party?

It's party time again!!!!

So w4yland and I thought we'd try and work out when the most people could make it for a rewatch party as we can make any of the Saturdays in July (aside from the first) and it would be great to get as many people as possible.

Mark the weekends you are free here.

Also, we were discussing (and brought it up last rewatch) the idea that perhaps we could do this party with a focus on season 9 (not all the episodes we watch, but maybe half - and obviously only the good ones) the thought being that most of the himym episodes we all know off by heart but season 9 we haven't had a chance to watch so much (you know, finale putting us off, never getting the chance to analyse them in a section rewatch etc) so it might be quite fun to watch and discuss some of the episodes we don't know so well. It's only an idea though, so please leave your thoughts on it in the comments :)

Hope to see you there!

uh, hi

So, - hi. I'm new here. I also accidentally caused a bit of a fuss, so, uh, sorry about that.

Basically: I write fanfic and do fandomy stuff, I guess, but totally missed every last inch of this fandom's life: I first heard of HIMYM in the wake of Finalegate. (My reaction was, naturally, "read everything I could find about WHY THE INTERNET WAS ON FIRE, understand none of the context, shrug and move on.")

Then a year ago I was on TVTropes and was reading the WhamShot page, which, wouldn't ya know it, included "the Mother's reveal" under HIMYM. I was bored, I have Netflix… And, yeah. First episode of HIMYM I ever watched: the last five minutes of S8.

I didn't do much better from there. (Seriously: second thing I watched was the speech in Splitzville, again due to TVTropes. Sorry to say that without any context or understanding of it, I thought it was 'a bit overblown.')

Because my whole fandom experience has been completely ass-backwards, I've been desperately searching for people who've been there, been in the trenches, to hang out with/osmosis with/befriend/SHARE MY MANY FEELINGS/leech some fandom cred from. Thus my coming here.

And accidental fuss-causing.

Hi! Be my friend!!!

Admin Question re: new members and mods

Hey, all, posting on behalf of a friend tonight, who had joined the community, eager to talk B/R with like-minded folk, and attempted to post. She got a notice that her post was in the moderation queue, which I told her was the same as my first post, so all was well, but, after twenty-four hours and no post, she did some checking, and it seems our listed mods, Magpieinthesky, Klutzy_girl and Charmling seem to be inactive, so we don't have anyone to approve posting for new members. Is that the case? I know most of us have busy lives, and interests change, so delays happen, and I'd like to let her know what's going on, if possible.

If we need a new mod, I'd be very happy to volunteer.

Fanfic: Pictures of You, chapters 1-4

Title: Pictures of You
Chapters: 1-4
Rating: T

Summary: Barney never takes a bad picture, but some of them tell stories he might not have intended to share. Loosely related one shots.

1) Beautiful Boy


2) Held Captive to His Wonder



3) Halfway From the Bottom and Halfway From the Top


4) In This or Another Lifetime




HIMYD Script

So I was mucking about searching stuff online and I found the himyd pilot script, obviously only of interest of as weird relic of a failed show that we weren't going to watch anyway, but yeah, CBS made the right decision. It's just himym, far too himym given it's meant to be a new show, without the characters we love and instead an immature woman who ignores her hardworking husband for partying and her own selfish interests (sound familiar?), female Barney (genuinely most of her lines could have come out of his mouth), some stereotypically gay guys and of course our favourite nerdy good guy who loves women and doesn't just want them for sex. Then there's Sally getting upset because she got told she'd be a bad mom (because that's entirely what a woman's life revolves around right?), some speeches about how you should find someone who loves you for who you are and ends with a line that we have never heard in our lives before "And that, kids, is the story of how I met your Uncle Frank."

Honestly, it's not horrendous, had the finale not been stupid I'd have probably watched a few episodes, but not with any great gusto. It's simply trying way way too hard to be himym and it's just silly and uncreative and I'm 100% sure it wouldn't have lasted past a season or two. And it's clear that, even with Emily Spivey's involvement they've not managed to break away from their set character personalities.

Himym Party TONGIHT!!!!!!

It's time to make some popcorn and put on your get psyched mixes guys! We have a party tonight!

The link to the livestream is here. There is no password, but if it asks you for one just click "ok" without entering anything and it should let you in.
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