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Almost three years ago,the Failnale went on air,and it changed our look at HIMYM forever. To "celebrate" this date,i thought to open a topic to talk about it. Here's a few questions to start the topic (but the conversation is free,of course):

-Has your feelings on the finale changed? Are you still angry? Or you don't care anymore?
-Was season 9 a good season overall,or was it completely pointless?
-Who is currently having the better career after the ending? And why are Neil and Cobie? :D
-Will you give another chance to Bays and Thomas with their new series,to see if they learnt from their mistakes,or are they "dead to you"?
-Do you think we will see a reunion someday,or it will never happen?

Like always,i apologize for the bad english :D But let's talk!


Because of the recent uptick in traffic here, I thought I'd advertise that I'm still updating my fic.

Title: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
Chapter: 49: Moving Day
Rating:  T
Summary: Small changes can cause big ripples, starting on the night Robin first walks into MacLaren's.  Barney/Robin focused AU based on the butterfly effect.


fanfiction meme????


I thought it might be fun to do a sort of mini fanfic meme! A bunch of us here write fic, and I at least love filling random requests — so like, basic rules apply?

1. Leave a comment with a 'fic scenario/prompt/single line/whatever.
2. If you see a prompt you like, write something — anything from one sentence to 100k words — using that prompt.
3. Multiple fills are okay! Multiple prompts are okay!
4. I get off my ass and write fanfic and pretend it's a meme!

Title: Gretel
Author: trinity_destler
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set sometime after 8.12, but probably best after Romeward Bound
Word Count: 1448
Summary: Robin and Ted are sitting in the bar. They talk.

I was doing some rewatching here and there and decided to sort of dip my toe into what it might have been like if Robin had ever been treated like a real lead character, with agency and stuff. I find big sections of the later seasons hard to deal with as a coherent whole because the writing is uneven and Ted is such a disater which no one is allowed to respond to in a realistic (even magical-realism-sitcom realistic) way. Not that this even begins to cover it, as it's just a rough scene idea, but it's coming from that place. I hope there's something resembling decent characterisation in it!

Remember what you said to me in the limo that night?Collapse )

Cobie Smulders on Broadway

I was just on youtube and spotted this video of Cobie Smulders being in Noel Coward's Present Laughter on Broadway next month.

I can't make it obviously as I'm overseas but it sounds good just the same 

New Neil and Cobie pictures

Yesterday (Feb. 12th) to watch the Broadway musical 'Spamilton' with Taran and David too.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Anyone planning to watch this series? Today it was released by Netflix,so i thought to start this thread to talk about the series and Neil's perfomance in it. Spoiler Alert,it seems Cobie could appear in some episodes as well.

Neil Patrick Harris answers 73 questions

Since this community has shown some signs of life lately, I thought I'd post this here because I found it so adorable and it offers an awesome glimpse into NPH's incredible home.  Also, the HIMYM booth makes a cameo!

Full Article with video
Hi there! It's a long time since I posted here. It looks like a new try to restart HIMYD:

Kids, two-and-a-half years later, I may finally get to meet your dad.

A new take on a How I Met Your Mother spinoff, told from a female point of view, is in development for next season at studio 20th Century Fox TV, our sister site Deadline reports. The news comes two-and-a-half years after CBS passed on the offshoot How I Met Your Dad, starring Greta Gerwig.

This Is Us co-executive producers/writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger are behind the latest stab at continuing the HIMYM franchise, which is titled How I Met Your Father. The ensemble will not feature any characters from the original series and, thus, the project may not necessarily land at CBS.

HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will serve as EPs on the potential comedy alongside Aptaker and Berger, but their day-to-day involvement remains TBD.



Source: TvLine

Two and a half years after How I Met Your Dad surprisingly did not get on the air, there is a new How I Met Your Mother spinoff in the works for next season, I have learned. Like How I Met Your Dad, I hear the new project, titled How I Met Your Father, is an ensemble show that tells the story from a female point of view. It is a brand new take on the premise with new characters and new writers: This Is Us co-executive producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. The project hails from HIMYM studio 20th TV, where Aptaker and Berger are under an overall deal. How I Met Your Dad was written by How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays & Craig Thomas and Emily Spivey. As creators of the original series, Bays and Thomas will serve as executive producers on the offshoot with Aptaker and Berger, but their day-to-day involvement is unknown. The duo is under an exclusive overall deal at Sony TV and have a hot comedy project at CBS with comedian Chris Distefano, which has a pilot production commitment.

Like How I Met Your Dad, which was described by CBS at the time as a “kindred spirit” to the network’s How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Father is not a traditional spinoff. It just incorporates the same storytelling device as the original series of a person — in this case a mother — telling the story of how they met their spouse.

I hear the script is still being written as a spec internally at 20th TV, and it is not clear when it will hit the marketplace. Because it is not a traditional spinoff involving characters from the original series, I hear it doesn’t necessarily have to go to CBS, with the field of potential networks wide open.
How I Met Your Dad was ordered as a pilot by CBS in 2014, just as the mothership series was finishing its nine-season run on the network. In one of the biggest upfront surprises that year, the pilot starring Greta Gerwig didn’t go to series. The network offered to re-pilot the comedy but CBS and 20th TV couldn’t agree on terms for the redevelopment, and the project ultimately fell through.
But the studio has remained high on the premise, occasionally revisiting the idea, even after Bays and Thomas moved to Sony.
HIMYM, which flew largely under the radar for its first few seasons, wasn’t a blockbuster ratings hit like The Big Bang Theory and wasn’t an awards darling like Modern Family, but it broke ground, pushing the limits of the traditional multi-camera sitcom with a new production model and heavy serialization that helped it attract younger (18-34) viewers, something very few multi-cam comedies have been able to do in the past decade. Appealing to younger audiences, HIMYM also became one of the first TV comedy series to develop online following and heat up on social media.

Comedy writer-producers Aptaker and Berger have emerged as key writer-producers on the breakout new NBC/20th TV drama series This Is Us, penning multiple episodes, including the Thanksgiving one, and sharing in the show’s WGA Award New Series nomination. Like This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman, who recruited them after they’d worked on his ABC comedy series The Neighbors, Aptaker and Berger come from half-hour background, with a resume that includes stints on Fox’s Grandfathered, also exec produced by Fogelman, and NBC’s Friends With Benefits and About A Boy.
The friends and scribes have been writing as a team for more than nine years after they met at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Aptaker, who grew up outside Boston, amused himself as a 10-year-old by writing spec episodes for Boy Meets World, and Berger, who grew up in Queens, began doling out advice to the head writer of Sesame Street (who happened to be her father) at a very young age.

Aptaker and Berger are repped by Verve, Management 360 and Hansen Jacobson. Bays and Thomas are with UTA.

New Neil and Cobie picture

It's always nice to see them together. And i also think that's the first clear picture together and close since the end of the series. We had the 'Best Time Ever' video,but in that occasion Neil was on distance too,so that's great!

Lemony Snicket Final Trailer

We can see Neil with A LOT of new looks! His perfomance looks really promising!

I am now naming chapters, because of eeendje.

Title: Forever at Last
Chapter: 28: Might As Well Light Everything On Fire
Summary: Barney and Robin share a moment during Ted and Tracy's wedding, which starts them both thinking about the past…and the future.

Read at ff.net or AO3

embarrassingly shameless fanfiction plug!

Title: up to the moon (chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4)
Characters/Pairings: SQUINTS AT THIS ONE. Barney, mostly. Robin, now and then. B/R, eventually. The nameless mother of Ellie from the finale, ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT.
Rating: T?
Warnings: Gratuitous OC Use? 1st person POV? Horrific Ted-levels of non linear storytelling? The existence of the finale baby?
Summary: Say, Ellie, have I ever told you the story of how I met your father, had you, and hooked him up with his ex wife?
Better Summary: I literally can never stop ranting about how angry the entire baby storyline in the finale makes me. Everything about it offends me almost more than the rest of the finale combined, most pointedly the "lol women don't need NAMES or FACES if they provide BABIES" thing. So I tried to fix it. It's a B/R story told by Ellie's mom. Literally that's all.
Links: FFN & AO3.
Cobie talked about her new series in this link (The article is portougese but the video is in english):

She said the show will be focuses on this group of 40-years old who meet again after 15-20 years,and starts to act like they were during their college years. It's a show kinda like Friends or How I Met Your Mother,but it's on Netflix so they will also 'swear a lot and drink a lot' using Cobie's words. It sounds nice and i can't wait to watch her again.
Title: Catching The Clock
Summary: Because their timing was all wrong, but eventually they caught up to it. The episodes of Season 7 - Season 9 and beyond, as seen through Robin's and Barney's eyes.  Note: This story only recognizes up to the legitimate canon ending in 9.22.


Off Topic: What Else Are We Watching?

What other shows are we all watching? The question has come up before, so here we go. What do you watch? Do you fic anything else? General TV blabber :salute: goes here.

Right now, I'm making my way through Friday Night Lights on Netflix, after I finished Parenthood. New show I'm most interested in is This Is Us, which has been promoted as appealing to fans of Parenthood and Lost, which I also loved. Family drama, yes, but there is a twist at the end of the pilot that somewhat reminded me of the "Robin is not the mother" bit at the end of HIMYM's pilot, and the story takes place in multiple timelines during the lives of four people who share the same birthday. Only three episodes in so far, but I'm on board.

I do recap some TV shows for a publisher's website. Right now, I'm on call, as it were, for shippy moments on The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, and was for Sleepy Hollow, until they killed off half of the show's main ship, and moved the other half out of Sleepy Hollow and to Washington DC, so yeah, interesting to see what will come of the new season. Also killed off half of the secondary ship. I am starting to suspect that the writers of this show may have asked CB/CT's aid in shooting themselves in the foot, but I suppose we will see when the show returns. I did recap The Mindy Project before it went to Hulu, but don't follow it now. I have written a few Ichabod/Abbie fics for the SH fandom, but only dabbling in vignettes, not multi chapter stories like I do for HIMYM.

Thanks to eeendje, I am getting back into Law and Order: SVU. One of the detectives, Carisi, is a suit-wearing blond from Staten Island (by way of Brooklyn, or the other way round) and I would pay cash money (figuratively speaking) to see him interrogate Barney, because those two personalities would be interesting. Still in the L&O family, I am attempting to track down NPH's episode, "Want," of Criminal Intent, because that was my favorite episode of that show, though I'd forgotten, until I read it somewhere, that NPH played the perp. I'd only remembered that the perp's actor was super good, but not who it was. Had similar experiences with NPH performances (long before HIMYM, so the cast wouldn't have been on my radar as such) on Numb3rs, and movies The Next Best Thing and My Antonia.

TV as a whole, I tend more toward dramas or dramedies at present. Not ready to take on another sitcom right now, and I am fine with that. I tried the revival of The Odd Couple, with Matthew Perry, and Thomas Lennon, aka Klaus (I would totally give at least the pilot of a Klaus spinoff a fair hearing) and it was funny, but didn't feel a real connection with it, either. Could be that I'm not ready for another sitcom. Maybe this was The One.

So, how about everybody else?


Housekeeping: Post Moderation Change

Hey, all. Not sure how a comment in the moderation queue vanished. I did not deny it, but when I went to moderate, it was gone. So, I've turned off moderation on new topics. Go forth and post. Let's get talking.



So I keep saying "I'm going to share my top three fanfics of all time" list and never ended up doing it, so I thought it might make a fun weekend post??

Pick three fanfics you love. No more than three even if it's hard.
Link them.
Bonus: explain why you love them??? I love reading that shit do it for me.

HIMYM Holiday Rambles

Long week, full of adulting, so I'm sitting here, staring at the screen, reminding myself I technically still have an epilogue of It Happened One Christmas that I could be writing, and probably will when my brain is speaking to me again. Mostly staring blankly at the computer screen, so better to come here and ramble than fall into some websufing sinkhole.

Halloween stuff is everywhere, which makes me a very happy Unzadi. I collect skull themed objects, so this time of year is a veritable skull buffet. eeendje and I recently watched "The Slutty Pumpkin" together, which put HIMYM Halloweens, and other holidays on my mind. To me, Halloween (okay, actually my birthday, which is one week before Halloween) kicks off the holiday season, leading into Thanksgiving (which Robin would likely argue is before Halloween, thankyouverymuch) and Christmas and New Year's, some time in January to decompress, and then Valentine's day. But one holiday at a time, because I am rambly, but tired.

Finale aside, we can assume M/L wouldn't stay in the apartment forever. Three kids aren't going to fit into the second bedroom, which means they'll have to move, which means no more rooftop Halloweens. Then again, who wants to wrangle kids up and down the fire escape ladder? Practicality here, people, though kid Halloween costumes open up a whole new word of costume coordination.

So, with the rooftop out of the question, and presuming the gang stays intact (as in, Tracy is alive and healthy, B/R still married) what would Halloween celebrations look like from a theoretical season ten, onward? Future Ted brings up, in "The Slutty Pumpkin," how Aunt Robin is totally into Halloween and dressing up and being silly, which I can kind of see, but maybe not in such a straightforward manner to the holiday itself. More like getting involved in whatever adventure Barney has planned, going for costumes that let them take playful jabs at each other, as with the Uncle Sam and hockey player costumes, when Barney was supposed to dress as a Mountie, but couldn't do it after all.

One of the future fics in my queue happens to play out over the entire holiday season, which may be part of what brought this to mind. No real point here, other than me rambling, but fic, holidays, holiday fic, fics with holiday in them- what do we like/not like/whatever? Jump in anytime.

Discussion: Haul Out the Headcanons

When I started writing "Bound By All The Rest," the question arose of what Barney and Robin were doing in Loretta's house, if she'd already sold it in "Cleaning House." The answer, at least for me, was clear (and noted in the first chapter)- Barney and James bought the house and leased it back to Loretta so the family home could be preserved. Yep, headcanon. Made sense to me, is nowhere in the show (where did Loretta move to, anyway?) but I'm sticking to it. I know I have more, but it's late, I'm tired, and I have every faith this community has an impressive complement.

Silly or serious, what are your headcanons?


Fanfic: Forever at Last, Chapter 27

Title: Forever at Last
Chapter: 27
Summary: Barney and Robin share a moment during Ted and Tracy's wedding, which starts them both thinking about the past…and the future.

Read at ff.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10782673/27/Forever-At-Last


AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6501886/chapters/18636545

So, What Are You In For?

How did you come to the HIMYM fandom, B/R shipping, and/or this community? Talk about it here.

I almost passed on the whole deal, because who needs another generic sitcom? Famous last words, I know, before a fandom eats one's entire life, but that's where I was at the time. I already had a sitcom I watched -The Big Bang Theory, which I still watch, occasionally recap, and like, but never got into the fandom- and didn't need another. I didn't watch the pilot. Then, the next morning, the internet blew up with the big surprise - the girl the main character met in the bar was not the mother. Okay, that's different. Now, I'm interested. So I started with the second episode, IIRC, which would make my first exposure "Purple Giraffe." Tuned in to that, which I think was on after (or before?) TBBT, and bam, instantly hooked.

Didn't mind the Robin/Ted angle, because we already knew that was only going to be short time, and the whole gang was fun, plus NPH proved his sitcom chops were not a one time thing on Stark Raving Mad. I liked Ted/Victoria, and would have been fine with her as the mother, M/L were cute, I liked Robin and I liked Barney. "Zip Zip Zip" rolled around, the chemistry ignited, and, by the time Barney made his case while re-dressing after Robin shot him down, I thought they'd be an interesting pair, but nothing would come of it, because Barney was Barney, and Robin was for Ted, even if short term, but dangit, what if? So I watched. So I shipped.

Personal information: around this time, real life had several plot twists of my own, and my confidence in my own writing was at an all time low. In the old fake it til you make it theory, I made a list of things I'd done when I was at my most confident and productive with my writing in general, and the first thing that came to mind was that I'd been active in a fandom. Okay. That meant I needed to pick a fandom and engage. After dismissing a couple of other candidates, I did a search for "Barney Robin forum" and found this group, and I've been here ever since. Soon after that, my first B/R fic, "Daddy Issues," showed up in my head, and I posted it, and...here I am. The writing got better, I met other fans who became friends, read a ton of fanfic, and wouldn't have it any other way.

How about you?



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