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Title: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
Rating:  T
Summary: Small changes can cause big ripples, starting on the night Robin first walks into MacLaren's.  Barney/Robin focused AU based upon the butterfly effect.


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HIMYM Series Rewatch

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We're almost through the worst of it now!  Still voting on best and worst episode too, and please leave explanation for your choices in the comments.  It's always fun to hear why people hated/loved something (or with these Season 7 epsiodes despised/at least made it through!).

The results for the last poll were:

Best episode - "No Pressure"
Worst episode - "The Broath"
(unanimous vote)

Next Week:

"The Magician's Code, Part One", "The Magician's Code, Part Two", and "Farhampton"

Fanfic: Catching The Clock

Title: Catching The Clock
Rating:  T
Summary: Because their timing was all wrong, but eventually they caught up to it. The episodes of Season 7 - Season 9 and beyond, as seen through Robin's and Barney's eyes.  Note: This story only recognizes up to the legitimate canon ending in 9.22.


HIMYM Series Rewatch

This Week:

"The Drunk Train", "No Pressure", "Karma", and "The Broath"
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HIMYM Series Rewatch

This Week:

"Tailgate", "46 Minutes", and "The Burning Beekeper"

Note:  I understand we're going into a collection of episodes that's nearly universally considered the worst run of the series and it's okay if you don't want to actually rewatch every one, but let's strive to keep the discussion going even if it's to talk about how much we hate the episodes and list all the things they could (should) have done differently!
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(Sorry, I had the date wrong!)

Next Week:
Break for Catch-up

HIMYM Themes:  Weddings

Barney Stinson theory

I wanted to share this it's quite interesting to think about especially with how this site likes to annalize over everything in this series. It points out many reasons why we love Barney most and why Ted isn't such a good guy afterall.

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HIMYM Party Voting (CLOSED)


Nominations are in, now it's time to vote for your favourites! Again, vote for as manyepisodes as you wish though we won't be able to watch all of them. Episodes will be ordered so the most popular should play when the most people are watching. There are 2 polls this time, one of all the episodes that aired last rewatch (the top 2 of which will be played on this rewatch) and one of new episodes (NB: Straw Poll only allows 30 options so I had to not include a few nominations, but I made sure to pick those options that I didn't think would be very popular):

Poll 1
Poll 2

Voting will close sometime early on the 15th May, I will then draw up a timetable.

Just a reminder, the rewatch will be on Saturday 16th May from 6-10pm EST. Hope you can all join us!

To celebrate our Babies' 2nd Anniversary, the wonderful w4yland and I are hosting another rewatch party on Saturday 16th May from 6-10pm EST. Hope you can all join us!

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Title: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
Rating:  T
Summary: Small changes can cause big ripples, starting on the night Robin first walks into MacLaren's.  Barney/Robin focused AU based upon the butterfly effect.


Title: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
Rating:  T
Summary: Small changes can cause big ripples, starting on the night Robin first walks into MacLaren's.  Barney/Robin focused AU based upon the butterfly effect.


FANFIC: It Happened One Christmas, chapter 10

Title: It Happened One Christmas
Chapter: Chapter 10

Summary: Post-Season Seven AU - One cancelled flight, one early arrival and
a Christmas blizzard all conspire to turn Barney and Robin's airport encounter
into a second chance at the love of a lifetime.


Top 10 B/R moments

This was posted two years ago on tumblr but it wasn't till this morning that I saw it. I think this really shows why Barney & Robin were meant to be. I know this is two years ago before the failnale but I felt like this should be posted.

[Why Barney & Robin were made for each oth]
Top 10 moments why Barney & Robin are meant to be for each other and only each other.

#10. I Could Never Do That (Farhampton, S8):

The title quote refers to Robin’s line about Barney claiming to have ‘deleted’ their past relationship, and it is quite telling. First, Robin admits that there is a part of her heart that will always be for Barney by saying that she could never throw away stuff from their time together. Second, it backs up the fandom’s assumption that Robin believes she is unworthy of love, because Barney was able to get rid of her. Barney’s giving of the key to her represents a lot of things. First, he’s letting her in, so to speak–showing her a part of himself that even his fiancé doesn’t see (a sign that Quinn was never gonna work out anyway). Second, by keeping the box in a simple, key-operable storage place, Barney is shying away from the manic, crazed gestures that he used with every other girl–he keeps thing honest and plain for Robin, not for anyone else. Last, he shows that he can’t throw away anything about her anymore than she could.

#9. The Master of the Possimpible (The Possimpible, S4):

This episode is famous for a background event–namely, Barney getting down on one knee when it’s suggested that Robin marry a citizen (no one, of course, notices this) in order to stay in the country. However, it’s actually the word “possimpible” (meaning the line between possible and impossible) that is the biggest contribution this episode gives (other than the heartwarming swarkles hug at the end). Barney and Robin’s relationship personifies that line–they shouldn’t work so well together–a womanizer and a gun nut–except for the fact that those hardened, tough facades are exactly what allows them to empathize with one another. Barney is indeed the master of the possimpible, but Robin is right next to him with that. It seems impossible that either one would settle down with someone they thought was on their level, as both have a strikingly similar tendency to date people they could never end up with happily (bimbos, dumb jocks), but when you put them together, it just might happen.

#8. Sixteen “No"s (How I Met Everyone Else, S3):

It seems like a small gag–Robin denying over and over and OVER that her and Barney are a couple, but remember: this is before Sandcastles. Which means that she had nothing to deny at this point–nothing had actually happened between the two of them. There was nothing for her to get defensive about unless she actually felt something, however small, for Barney–a conclusion Barney is quick to pick up on, given his amusement at her 16 denials. It’s no secret that they find each other attractive–but feelings? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Robin’s denials are a major clue that she has entertained the thought of her and Barney together–even before he’s a total sweetie to her in Sandcastles.

#7. I Live for the Dance (Natural History, S6):

This rather charged conversation (which ends with Barney getting a little too handsy) illustrates why exactly the Barnman and Robin are so perfect for each other. Each one had a chance at a calm, peaceful relationship (Nora and Kevin, respectively), and each thought that it was what they should want, what was good and normal. But Barney and Robin go against the norm in many ways, and this is one of them. While Ted & Zoey (also a pivotal part of this episode) break up because they challenge one another in everything, B/R thrive off of the challenge, the sexual tension–they, in effect, live for the dance. The outlandish dances they end up on are just part of the fun (i.e., Groove is in the Heart?)

#6. We Both Know You’re More Than That (Do I Know You?, S4):

Barney echoes Lily’s words to him when he tells Robin that she’s not just a boogyman with a teleprompter–they both know she’s more. Not only is it sweet that Barney takes a line that made him feel good and attempts to lift someone else’s self-esteem with it, but it’s quite telling of another dynamic of Barney and Robin’s relationship–they both know more about the other than the other considered outside their bubble. Robin knows about Barney’s father issues before anyone else, Barney knows about Robin’s before anyone else.  They both know when the other is just pretending to be okay, when they’re really not. It’s easy to dismiss Barney as a man-slut, or Robin as a stuck-up, full-of-herself bimbo, but the reason they love each other so much is that those disguises never worked for long. They can see each other for the person behind the mask, and know that they’re more than the mask they choose to hide behind.

#5. Chemistry and Timing (The Best Man, S7):

Robin’s statement that a couple only needs chemistry and timing is at the heart of the show. Marshall and Lily had both–love at first sight, Ted always has good timing–meeting girls he could marry (Victoria, Stella, Zoey) when they’re ready for a relationship, but it always ends up that the chemistry wasn’t quite right, whereas Barney and Robin have chemistry up the wazoo (just look at what happens every time they’re left alone after season 5 and most notably in seasons 7 & 8) but their timing sucks (all four remaining examples are examples where the timing was off). From heartfelt talks to kisses, everything that B/R get interrupted during (usually by a cell phone, blast it) shows that the universe isn’t quite ready to let these two be flawless together. They’ve gotta grow up a bit to achieve that timing.

#4. That Day’s Just No Good (Disaster Averted, S7):

Barney is at his sweetest and most genuine in situations like these–no giant script, no huge magic trick, no grand gesture–just him speaking about what he feels. He really believes that a day without Robin is a wasted day–which points toward the fact that they have to spend their lives together in order to be fully happy. Barney’s not trying to sleep with her by giving this speech, he’s not expecting anything–he’s simply telling Robin what is an indisputable fact in his mind–he cannot live without her and be happy. Robin never replies, but had they not been interrupted by a phone call, one needs only to look at the end of that episode to see what would have happened. They both say that the phone call’s interruption was a “disaster averted”, as it would have screwed with their relationships, but obviously neither one was being truthful, or else that lovely scene in the cab wouldn’t have happened.

#3. I Always Have Fun With You (The Stamp Tramp, S8):

Barney and Robin are so drunk in this scene that it’s slightly ridiculous–even Barney admits that Robin got a bit out of control (though it was probably more than a bit, as she got tazed) while he stumbles over trash cans without a hint of his usual grace. To top it off, they’re passing a flask between the two of them–the producers reinforcing the idea that THEY ARE DRUNK. And why? So that we know that these two are putting on no pretenses, especially with Barney’s desperate sounding “I always have fun with you” right before he kisses her. This is important–whenever we saw Robin and Nick/Kevin/Don/Ted go out, it was always a very simple dinner date (with the exception of the Superdate that Barney set up), where Robin most often says she had a nice time, or a good time. With Robin and Barney, though, it’s always fun–they enjoy each other’s company more than anyone else’s, period. They’re best friends, they always have fun–which is why they’re perfect together. Friends make the best spouses.

#2. I’m In Love With Tacos (Benefits, S4):

Possibly one of the more heartbreaking episodes for Barney (along with Tick Tick Tick), this scene not only demonstrates that the timing is always slightly off with these two, but the avoidance issues they both have. Robin will talk to Lily, Barney will talk to Marshall and Ted, but neither one ever has any sort of talk with the other about their feelings–it’s all smoke and mirrors, distraction, tacos, with them. Robin’s declaration that dating friends never works out is a major roadblock to her getting together with Barney–she needs to smash that preconceived notion, and Barney’s tendency to skirt an issue (solve all of the conflicts by buying stamps and milk instead of just talking to Ted and/or Robin) is another barrier. As long as tacos–distractions and lies, that is–are the third member of the B/R relationship, it will never move along.

#1. There Have Been Times That I Wanted To (Splitsville, S8):

Barney’s speech in the breakup diner set the hearts of shippers and non-shippers (we call them “future shippers”) alike on fire–for good reason. Much like his desperation for Robin to see that he was sorry in Disaster Averted, his desperation to make sure that Robin’s relationship with Nick ends as soon as she sees a problem with it overpowers his ‘logical mind’ that tells him he’ll never end up with Robin anyway and makes him march down to Splitsville and give the most heart wrenching speech in recent (or any) sitcom history. His bold statement that he has had times where he wanted to stop loving Robin because of the heartache that love caused is equal parts sweet and heartbreaking. Robin is air to him–life–and he couldn’t stop loving her anymore than he could stop breathing. Yes, he plays it off later as a fake speech, even saying that if Nick hadn’t bought it, he would have had to kiss her (of course, he says this very cockily), but I don’t think that even Robin–who has a history of believing Barney’s excuses because it hurts less/keeps the status quo–believed him entirely. It’s a huge declaration–but it’s a very simple one.

Robin and Barney matter to each other more than anyone else. They go together when everything else around them says that they aren’t able to. They notice each other above anyone else, they believe in each other, and they’re irresistibly attracted to each other. They see each other as the end all be all, they’re best friends, they’re drawn together no matter how many distractions they put in their way, and they love each other through the hardships and pain.

And that’s why we ship them.

In the real world, April Fools’ Day is that 24-hour period where it’s safe to assume everyone in your life is lying to you, tricking you, or otherwise attempting to destroy your sense of reality — but on TV, isn’t every day April Fools’ Day?

Just think of how many times we’ve been tricked into thinking someone is “A” on Pretty Little Liars, or how many beloved characters we’ve mourned, only to see them again a few episodes later?

Then there are shows like Newhart and How I Met Your Mother that choose to wait until the last possible moment to reveal that, basically, everything you’ve seen has been a complete lie.

While a majority of TV pranks are meant to trick the characters, it’s often the viewers who end up feeling foolish — yet we always come back for more.!11/himym-series-finale/

Nothing more to say!


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