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HIMYM Series Rewatch Week 16

September 22

This Week:

"Sorry, Bro", "The Front Porch", "Old King Clancy", "Murtaugh", and "Mosbius Designs"

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Where the Pineapple Came From - Revealed

Buzzfeed has posted the clip explaining where the Pineapple came from on their website. I don't know how to embed the video into the LJ post, but here's the link to the article containing the clip.

What do you think? Disappointed? Satisfied? Would you rather have not known? Do you think it contradicts the statement "And kids, we never did find out where that pineapple came from."

Fanfic: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Title: Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pairing: B/R
Rating: T
Summary: Barney makes the right call when he texts the wrong person.

New York, 2017

“Tell me everything.” Lily plopped into the overstuffed chair opposite Robin in the golden light of a late September afternoon, latte mug in hand and peered at her with undisguised fascination. “I can’t believe you went on a MatchMeCupid date. How did it go? Did you like him? Did you get lucky? Are you going out again?”

Robin took a sip of her own drink and licked a drop of whipped cream from her upper lip. “It was great.”

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With This Ring

Title: With This Ring
Pairing: Barney & Robin
Show: How I Met Your Mother
Discription: Robin is still carrying around his ring, the ring he gave to her that she loves it connects them together forever or at least that's what she thought would be when she was given that ring, his ring. A post divorce fic based on what I think would happen to Robin's beautiful engagement ring.

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Title: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
Rating:  T
Summary: Small changes can cause big ripples, starting on the night Robin first walks into MacLaren's.  Barney/Robin focused AU based upon the butterfly effect.

I was putting these up on my LiveJournal page but for some reason lately I'm having a terrible time with formating when I copy and paste from Word, so from now on I guess I'm just going to link over to my copy on


HIMYM Series Rewatch Week 15

September 15

This Week:

"Little Minnesota", Benefits", "Three Days of Snow", "The Possimpible", and "The Stinsons"
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HIMYM Series Rewatch Week 14

September 8

This Week:

"Happily Ever After", "Not a Father's Day", "Woooo!", "The Naked Man", and "The Fight"
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Neil and David marry!

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Greta Gerwig talks about HIMYD

"Whatever happened to how I never met your dad?" Smith asked.

"I never met my dad," Gerwig joked. "I never met my husband. My children don't exist. No it didn't happen, I don't know. At some point somebody said, 'It's a sure thing.' And I was like, that's how you know it's not a sure thing. I loved it. I loved having a proper job. It was so amazing. I had never done a television show before."

Source 1

Naturally, we detoured for a few minutes to talk about the once-championed and quickly discarded TV pilot How I Met Your Dad, which was supposed to be a Gerwig vehicle spinning off the ever-popular How I Met Your Mother. So what happened to that, anyway?

“They didn’t want it!” said Gerwig. “I liked the guys who made the show and I was going to write on it and they were going to move it to New York. I was like, ‘I can’t say no, this is amazing!’ And then it just didn’t happen. I don’t know the rhyme or reason to these things. It just didn’t work out.”

Source 2

The Alternate Ending of the Series finale

Here's the alternate ending to the horrible ending I think this is better but...

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HIMYM Series Rewatch Week 13

September 1

This Week:

"Do I Know You?", "The Best Burger in New York", "I Heart NJ", "Intervention", and "Shelter Island"
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Title: Confrontation!
Author: deeplyshalllow
Rating: T
Spoilers: Until the end.
Word Count: 5000
The himym characters confront the Carter and Craig about their finale. Parody
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Aug. 26th, 2014

In the interest of discussion:

Lets assume that AU final never happened. Barney and Robin stay married. What do you think their life is like? Do they continue to travel, or do they settle down? Do they adopt, does Robin somehow get pregnant, or do they continue to not want kids? How often do they see Marshall, Lily, Ted, and Tracy (assuming she doesn't actually die)? Are they still the fun Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney?

My thoughts:

- They keep traveling for a good long while. And Barney totally loves it as much as she does. Eventually they do sort of settle down in New York, but they continue to travel frequently.

- No kids. Neither of them want kids, and they are both totally okay with that. They are awesome Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney to Marshall and Lily's and Ted and Tracy's kids, but they are perfectly content not to have any of their own.

- They totally have several dogs, though.

- They both remain happily sexual and continue to enjoy each other a lot.

- Robin eventually convinces Barney to take a trip to Canada with her.

- In the distant future, they all end up in the same nursing home with Ted, Tracy, Marshall, and Lily and enjoy reminiscing on the front porch.

No Means No

Title: No Means No
Pairing: Barney & Robin
Characters: Robin, Barney, Ted with Marshall and Lily
Chapter: Prologue
Description: Robin and Ted are living together (S4) but the living arrangement is not working out. Barney steps into this bad situation once he learns about what's been going on with Robin and Ted, they get into a fight one night Robin decides to move out. But only for a little while. Love is unconditional when someone says yes but isn't when they no.
A/N: This has a very dark rape premise, if you can't handle something strong like this it isn't the story for you. But, it is also a love story which does start off light hearted and playful between Barney and Robin but jealousy becomes the enemy here with Ted. He isn't happy that Robin is giving all of her attention to Barney. Some feelings of the heart and mind are more involved in this.

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Cobie season 8 interview

I think this video was posted before but I wanted to post it again to make another point why that ending failed.

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Author Chuck Wendig on HIMYM finale

A bit late to the party on this one, but I found this blog entry by author Chuck Wendig to cover exactly why the AUE failed so spectacularly badly. Focuses mainly on Ted/Mother, but does spend a good deal of time on why Robin and Ted wouldn't work, and does mention how good Barney and Robin are for each other.


HIMYM Series Rewatch Week 12

August 18

This Week:
"Sandcastles in the Sand", "The Goat", "Rebound Bro", "Everything Must Go", and "Miracles"
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HIMYM Series Rewatch Week 11

August 11

This Week:

"The Platinum Rule", "No Tomorrow", "Ten Sessions", "The Bracket", and "The Chain of Screaming"
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Fanfic: "Inked"

Title: Inked
Rating: T
Summary: Barney's fourth anniversary present for Robin is personal, private and permanent.

New York, May 25, 2017

Robin waited at the international arrivals gate, cardboard sign reading “Stinson” at the ready. She smiled at the appreciative glances of the two other chauffers, and flashed her wedding ring at the one who wouldn’t look away. The short skirt and heels weren’t for them, but these looks reminded her the outfit would soon be well worth the discomfort of waiting for Barney’s delayed flight.

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HIMYM Series Rewatch Week 10

August 4

This Week:

"I'm Not That Guy", "Dowisetrepla", "Spoiler Alert", "Slapsgiving", and "The Yips"
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