J5fan1 (j5fan1) wrote in barneyrobin,

Worst HIMYM Episode Showdown (Nomination Round)

Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun if we voted on our least favorite HIMYM episodes in order to crown the worst HIMYM episode of all time.

This post is solely a Nomination Round. I would like to encourage all of you to submit your least favorite HIMYM episodes.

You can nominate as many episodes as you would like.

The Nomination Round will close on Thursday, July 5th and Round 1 will open later that same day. Round 1 will be set up as a bracket. You will vote on which episode is worse in each subset. The episodes with the most votes will continue on to Round 2, and so on until we have the ultimate winner of the worst HIMYM episode of all time.

I hope you all participate!

PS. Keep the negativity to a minimum. Let's not get too harsh or hateful in our comments. I don't want us to offend anybody here. 

UPDATE: I'm going to close the Nomination Round now. We have a total of 52 episodes. I'm dividing Round 1 into two parts b/c I can't fit all the episodes into one poll.
Tags: just for fun, poll
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