foreverinlovebr (foreverinlovebr) wrote in barneyrobin,

Series finale Barney scene

I know we all hated the AU but this has now come up as something I didn't realize while watching that horrible episode.

Barney says "Oot" instead of "Out" in one of the scenes which is I think the one where he tells those girls to "get out of here". Is it possible that Neil said that line in that way to tell us that he still supports Barney and Robin and I just didn't realize it? Did anyone else notice this while watching this episode?

I think Barney was so messed up and heartbroken after losing Robin that he suddenly started pronouncing things in a Canadian accent way. I fully now believe this was Neil's way of saying he still supports BR and was very upset by the sudden change of the series.
Tags: general discussion, season 9, spoilers: season 9
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