gerwigdunhamfan (gerwigdunhamfan) wrote in barneyrobin,

Would you like a HIMYM revival done like 'Will and Grace' and 'Roseanne'?

The 'revival fashion' reached the sitcom genre too,and its probably the best genre in which this 'revival mania' is doing quality-wise. Will e Grace was already renewed for two more seasons,and Roseanne received good critics so far. Both the revival have something in common: they decided to ignore their respective ending,or in some cases the entire last season,and are now continuing the story in another way. I think we all know that,if there is a series who would really need to 'delete' canon-wise its ending or even the entire season 9,its How I Met Your Mother! So,if in a year or two they decide to do a HIMYM revival,where they ignore the ending and we continue the story since June 2013 (or they could do a little timeskip to make it in 2020 or something) or even ignoring the entire season 9 and continuing the story since some weeks before the Barney/Robin wedding,would you like it? I would love it! Tell me what you think about it.
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