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She was mean and she had seashells in her hair!

Spoiler Policy

All right, the poll's been closed; thank you for participating, you guys!

And now, for some rules. (Yaaaay?)

Please mark all spoilers for the most recent episode as spoilers for the full week after the episode airs (until the following Monday)! This means . . .

+ Place all comments about the episode under a spoiler cut.

+ Don’t use spoilery icons from the episode, either in teasers for icon posts or in your posts to the community. This one can be given a bit of leeway. If Barney and Robin are just sitting next to each other at the bar, it’s probably okay to use/post the icon; if they’re making out, not so much. (This past week being the obvious exception there, heh.) If it’s a comment to a post that discusses the episode with spoilers, then using a spoilery icon is fine. Otherwise, please refrain! This of course goes for wallpapers/other graphics as well.

+ Be sure to mark all fanfiction with spoiler warnings as there are any, and don’t have spoilers in the fanfic summary.

+ For spoilers for upcoming episodes, please mark the episode number that the spoilers concern if possible. allthingsholy explained it better than I probably can: "For example, I'm spoiled through 3x19 but not the finale, and I don't want to click on a link and find info I wasn't expecting." So, for example, please put something along the lines of "Spoilers through 3x19" or "Spoilers through the finale" in your cut!

I’m going to start posting an official discussion post on Mondays for that day’s new episode, so I figure the general episode discussion can take place there. If there’s anything more specific that anyone wants to discuss within that episode, then feel free to do a separate post regarding that aspect of the episode.

Just another note, while I’m being all modly—

I’d really appreciate it if everyone would tag their posts! I know it’s a bit of a pain, and it’s not mandatory or anything, but it would make the community a lot easier for everyone to navigate. Check out the right hand column if you want to see the tags that are being used.

Thank you, everybody!

I feel like I should stick some sort of really clever saying here involving ‘legendary’ or ‘awesome,’ but I have not had nearly enough caffeine yet. So, er, just imagine your own?

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