May 14th, 2019

Carter Bays freaks out on Twitter against the people who criticized the ending,then deletes tweet

Last night Carter Bays was just commenting Game of Thrones,when suddendly,probably frustated because people were comparing some controversial Game of Thrones decisions with the terrible HIMYM ending,he made a thread 'Ted Mosby-style' where he acts like the classic 'Nice Guy'. He deleted the tweet some hours ago,but you can still find the many replies that people were giving to his thread. Basically what he was saying was comparable to the Ted's monologue in the episode 8.13 (Yes,the terrible 'Robin should be with me' one). He said that people are wrong when they prefer the 'bad cool guy' over the 'nice guy' and that redemption stories are unrealistic. So yes he was defending the destruction of character development he did in the HIMYM ending,basically saying that 7 seasons of Barney's character development were unrealistic. Unbelievable! And he even bring politics into it,saying that people who believes in redemption stories were 'responsible for Trump'. I just can't believe it! I think in that moment he let out all the anger he still feels because people 'didn't understood his great masterpiece' (aka a nerdy Ted/Robin fanfiction). He never learns,doesnt he?