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Barney/Robin Community Recs Are Here!

Hello, darlings! By popular demand, I have created a compendium of recommended Barney/Robin fanworks (links in the comm profile and journal sidebar for easy access) that all will be able to access to find your favorite fic, art, vids, picspams, analyses, mixes and whatever else you can dream up. So far, I have used some posts in which people recommended fic, as well as the himym_awards to start a foundation, but I need your help to keep it growing!

I'd like to use this entry as the community rec post, which I will link to in the community profile as well as the links sidebar of the community journal. So whenever you find a fanwork that you think everyone should check out, click back over to this post, comment with a link and any tags you think might be fitting, and I'll add it to the original rec list. I hope that this can be a living "document" of sorts, so that every time you check back there's something new to discover in the world of our legendary pairing. You all are amazingly supportive (and prolific!) as a fandom, so I know we'll get some great recs out of this!

I kept to the recommendations of those three sources so far, so please help a bro out by recommending not only fanfic, but also art, vids, picspams, analyses, fanmixes… anything BroTP related. If you have any suggestions for additional tags for easier searching, I'd love to get your input as well. Thanks, everyone!
Tags: fanart, fanfiction, fanmix, fanvid, graphics: other, mod post, picspam, recs
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