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Challenge Accepted: Round 3 VOTING

Hello, hello everyone! Round 3 submissions have now finally closed (sorry about the lack of stewarding this, y'all. I'll try not to let it happen again), and there's some pretty epic stuff going on here for your viewing (and listening!) pleasure. Voting will remain open until Sunday, August 14th at 11:59PM EDT. Awards will go up and the next round will be posted soon after that.

You will find the fic entries below the first cut, our amazing fanmix under the second cut (seriously y'all, this is awesome. I hope more will submit next time!), and the submitted icons are in the poll proper. The prompts for this challenge were: Canada Day, fireworks, summer solstice, independence, and sundresses. Please comment if you have any questions! Oh, and feel very free to show love for the work done here, but artists and authors, please remain anonymous for unbiased voting, until we reveal your true identities and awesomeness at the end of voting!

When You Say Nothing At All by flappiedungeon (sundresses)

~The smile on your face lets me know that you need me.~

They’ve both matured and grown so much. They’ve torn down their defense mechanism and put themselves on the line. At risk of being rejected and broken down. But that’s the thing. They’ve both matured enough to take that extra step for each other. It makes her feel special, to know that of everyone in this world, Barney Stinson chose her. He needs her. When he smiles at her, she feels complete, loved, and truly happy. Screw the world and what it thinks. They need each other, and let’s face facts. The world needs Barney and Robin together. True story.

~There’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me.~

His eyes would sometimes search the bar, scanning the crowd for hot girls in sundresses. There is this certain inexplicable love that he has for them. If he was a superhero, his Kryptonite would be sundresses. No joke. Sure, she’s Robin Scherbatsky, she’s super hot and she knows it. Girls with sundresses? Please. But in reality, it scares her. The thought of losing him just scares her out of her mind. ‘Barney Stinson is made to be single,’ he once said. What if that is true?

She needn’t worry so much though. Because her fears and worries vanish the moment he turns and looks her in the eyes. She sees nothing but adoration and pride in his dreamy blue eyes. It reminds her of what he once told her:
“When you’ve got the best, you need no other. And you, Robin Scherbatsky, you are perfect.”

~The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me whenever I fall.~

Once, he comes home only to find her trying to /not/ cry in the bathroom. Her efforts at /not/ crying has led to tissues being scattered all over the floor. She expects him to act as he did the last time they dated. She's surprised that he doesn't. He stays to comfort her. Yeah, he is uncomfortable as hell when she talks about her aunts worsening condition in battling colon cancer (in graphic detail), but he stays (face pale and ready to puke). Instead of telling her that everything will be okay, he just pulls her close to him and gently runs his hands on her back. He lets her cry. His presence assures her that he will be there to catch her when she falls. To help her up when she’s fallen down. To heal her when she’s hurt and do all that he can to make her Robin Scherbatsky again. Gun aficionado, definition of awesome and kick-ass wife of Barney Stinson.

Really, it is when Barney says nothing at all that his love for Robin is most evident. When he loves, he loves with passion, it’s shown in everything he does. They’ve both matured, they are now a better, way awesomer version of themselves. Together, they are the best couple ever. Marshall and Lily can suck it.

The Mosby Hypothesis by nnilann (sundresses)

“Back off! Not that again!”

“No arguments here! I prefer you undressed, rather than sundressed! It may embarrass Marshal and Lily though, let alone Ted!”

“Barney!!! It’s almost winter!”

“So? You are a CANADIAN?”

“Everybody will think I’m nuts!”

“I’ll do some magic and everybody will see you in your white parka! Kinda like a polar bear! Ouch! َA superawesomatic sexy one!” Sherbatsky, Pleeeaaase!!” He pulled off one of his best poppy-dog eyed faces.
Robin couldn’t help smiling “Damn you, Stinson”. Then she skillfully faked a helpless sigh which made Barney grin triumphantly.

“On second thoughts, what if you don’t get dressed? Today’s the 16th after all” he whispered in her ear. She felt his lips on her neck and felt a little dizzy “Love to, but Lily would literally slaughter us if we missed this party too”, she took a last look at the mirror and headed towards the door.

“I promise three games in a row, Center ice if ...” Barney said, opening the door.

“You still owe me two…

“Surprise!!!!” shouted Lily, Marshal, Ted and “the new Miss serendipity” as Barney later referred to her.


“I’m innocent Sherbatsky. Lily wanted to throw us” he air quoted sarcastically “an anniversary party or whatever.”

“Oh, my God. You told them?”

Lily loosened the hug and said “told us what? Isn’t it the anniversary of your second first official date, aka the ‘you-stopped-being-stupid-brats’ day? ”

“Let me out of the effeminizing hug, Lil.”

Robin caught Barney’s eyes “First date!! Right!!”

Lily looked dubiously at Barney who was grinning from ear to ear and roared “You son of bitch! So this is ‘the first time you really connected’”?

“In fact, I remember an immense amount of connection. We started…”

“Ewwww! No details, thanks.”

“I demand the highest of fives!” Barney said absentmindedly, looking proudly at Robin who was trying to untie herself from a tight Marshal hug.

Lily clenched her teeth “If I weren’t the slap bet commissioner…”

Barney watched Robin freeing herself, asking Ted to give Marshal some Kleenex to wipe his eyes, rolling her eyes at Ted who explained Kleenex was the brand and she meant tissue and finally coming to him.

“Lily will never forgive you!”

He mischievously grinned “Worth it. How about an anniversary of our own? a game of laser tag or ….” He arched his eyebrow “do you prefer battleship?”

“Hardcore battleship” she smiled seductively “if you tell me why I have to wear this in all our anniversaries?”

“Glad you asked! A bro is permitted to marry a hot awesome Canadian only if she consents to sundress up, even in fall!

“I thought bros were against marriage!”

“The revised second edition bro-code adds an addendum on marriage!”


Looking into her smiling eyes, he thought “plus the moment you stepped in the bar wearing that dress I knew you were the one. But Barney Stinson never confirms a lame Mosby theory!”

Canada Day 2012 by manda600 (Canada Day, fireworks)

Back in her hometown, on Barney’s arm, Robin had never been happier – despite his Canada teasing.

“So, there was at least a war once right? What, did someone miss the big goal?”

“No. Canada Day celebrates the uniting of the three British colonies into one independent country.”

“There was no war, no shooting, nothing? Not even a bar fight?”


“Wait, so even the British thought this country was so pointless they just gave it away?”

“I hate to disappoint you, but it was all very civil.”

Barney shook his head. “I'm sorry. I love you, Robin. But Canada is really lame.”

“No, we're not. You’re gonna experience a kickass celebration today that rivals anything in New York, with a parade, carnival, free concerts – and of course The Snowbirds.”

“I'm sorry, the what?”

“The Snowbirds.” His face was blank. “You know, the 431 Squadron.” Nothing. “The Canadian Air Force.”

“You named your Air Force 'Snow-bird'? What was '-flake' taken by your Special Forces?”

“Barney, this was your idea. You promised to be nice about it,” Robin scolded, but her smile gave her away.

“Okay, okay. I'll be good.”


They were standing in the park, ten minutes after ten, on what had truly been an awesome day. All Robin could think about was how sweet Barney was to come here, considering he hated it so much. And he really was on his best behavior all day. He hadn’t made a single crack since the Snowbirds joke that morning though there’d been plenty of opportunity. Even she was almost ready to have a go at the particularly drunk group coming out of The Loon that started slurring their way through the most pathetic rendition of "Oh Canada" she’d ever heard. But he never said a word, though she could tell by the look on his face he was dying to.

And he did it all for her. She glanced over at Barney, looking particularly handsome in the moonlight. Nudging a little closer, she noticed he still smelled like heaven even after a long day suited-up in the (relative) heat of July (after all, this was Canada).

Suddenly she was more than ready to get back to their suite, with the king-size bed and extra large Jacuzzi.

The first explosion lit the sky then, and the expression on his face was like a little boy. Of course it would be fireworks that captured his attention. He always did have a thing for fire; the intervention never took.


“Hmm?” But his eyes were still glued to the sky.



“Barney,” she purred, “let’s go back to the hotel.”

That tone had him.

“But – ” He looked from the display back to her. “ – fire.”

“Come on,” she laughed. “I promise, once we get there, we’ll make some fireworks of our own.”

But she lied. They never made it that far. By the time their cab pulled away from the curb, the sparks had already started to fly.

A Fairly True Story! by nnilann (Canada Day)

-Dad, why do we celebrate today? Jemima asked climbing on Barney’s lap.

-Today’s the day Dad saved Mum from ninjas and asked her to marry him, blockhead! James answered.

Robin who was about to enter the front porch chuckled and decided to sit on Lily’s favorite chair instead.

-How did the ninjas get Mum? I mean she’s awesome! And she has a gun.

Barney couldn’t help grinning at his twin’s argument about how awesome their parents were.

“Tell us again how you saved her dad, pleeeaaaase!!!”

“Well, I was looking for a cursed diamond in Egypt. After days of exploration, I found it in a cave, but then a group of ninjas attacked me. I was fighting for my life when Robin appeared. She too wanted the jewel. She was working for a special agency which did research on diamonds then, you know. She was the most beautifulest woman I’d ever seen. An awesome warrior too. Shot a lot of ninjas, but they surrounded her.”

“How many ninjas were there?” James asked excitedly.

“A hundred and eighty-three”

“How did you count them while fighting?”

“That’s my daughter!” Robin smiled. Jemima always gave Barney a hard time when he was telling a story.


“Dad can multi-task! He’s super awesome!” James quickly replied.

“He sure can!” Robin thought blushing.

“So I ran to help her. We fought side by side! Great team work! Like we had practiced! We killed some of the attackers and the rest retreated. I took a look at your mom and knew that I’d never let her go. I kneeled and asked her to marry me, even before I asked her name. True story!”

“Right! Barney Stinson and marriage at the first fight!” Robin smiled.

“Wow!” James said, clearly worshipping his father.

“Why didn’t you keep the diamond?” Jem asked.

“It was cursed!!!!” James immediately answered.

Robin stepped out and the twins said in unison “Mum! Dad just told us ….”

“I know! Will you call Marvin?”

James said “Marvy’s probably with uncle Marshal; fixing something! Lame!!!”

Robin looked at the clear blue eyes of her blonde son and thought “My miniature Barney!”

“Go, I’ll tell you another story tonight!”

“The story of the witch?”

Barney nodded.

“What witch?” Robin asked. “The witch who put a spell on Dad……” James said running. “…. till you broke the spell with a kiss! Norlin!” Jem continued, trying to keep up.

Barney pulled Robin to his lap for a passionate kiss. She sat beside him, put her head on his shoulder and they both thought of the probably-not-told-till-18th-birthday-because-of-the-R-rated-sextual-content version; the Canada day 5 years ago when Barney proposed while shooting a group of laser tag players and Robin shouted Yes! while tackling him. The breathtaking kisses, being caught and kicked out and having mind-blowing sex in the alley, in Ranjit’s car, and at home!

Jem quietly approached her smiling parents:


“What, sweetheart?”

“I’m so glad Mum got you back!”

Sundressing Up by only_thewinds (sundresses)

"Isn't it a little cold for a sundress?" Ted asked Robin as she emerged from her bedroom, clad in a small blue sundress.

Robin had been wearing a lot of sundresses lately. Specifically, since summer had already ended.

"I'm Canadian, Ted. You know weather doesn't effect me the same as it effects you."

Ted shrugged off her response, and they headed to the bar.

* * *

It happened again a week later.

Robin came out of her room wearing another sundress, this time in a shade of dark green.

"Seriously?" Ted asked. "Another sundress? It's October."

Robin pursed her lips. "I like my sundresses, thank you, and I will wear them whenever I please."

They went downstairs to MacLarens.

* * *

The third time it happened, Ted was fed up.

"Okay, that's a new sundress."

"First of all, Ted, I find it a little weird that you know my wardrobe that well. It's creepy. And second, no it's not. I've had this forever. I always wear this. I don't know what you're talking about."

"That dress is definitely new."

"Why do you say that?"

"The tag is still on it."

"Oh." Robin ripped off the tag. "Fine. It's new."

"Seriously, what is with the sundresses? It's just the bar, and you haven't been trying to pick anyone up. So what's with the dressing to impress?"

"I like sundresses. It's my thing."

"Sundresses are not your thing. Guns are your thing. Scotch might be your thing. You look great in a sundress, but it is by no means your thing."

"They're totally my thing."

"Stop trying to make them your thing! They are not your thing. And now the word 'thing' is starting to sound weird. What is this really about? What's your ulterior motive? It's October. No one wears sundresses in October. Not even Canadians."

"I have no ulterior motive."

"Is this about Barney?"

Robin let out a spluttering, nervous laugh.

"What?" Her voice was too high and too loud to be natural. "No!"

Ted gave her a calculating look. "Robin, we both know Barney is sundress obsessed."

"It's not about Barney."

Her denial fell on deaf ears.

"Do you have feelings for him or something?"

"Absolutely not!" She let out her tell-tale high-pitched laugh as she said it.

"You do!"

"Do not."

"Do too!"


Ted smirked. "So sundresses…you're trying to make him fall for you?"

"No. It's too make him remember how much hotter I am than Nora so he'll start sleeping with me again. No one said anything about falling for anyone. Geez, Ted."

He frowned. "It's okay to have feelings, you know. There's no need to feel ashamed. You and Barney have grown up. You could make it work this time."

Robin smiled softly.

"And you look great. He won't be able to keep his eyes off you."

"That's the plan."

They headed down to the bar, and Barney's eyes were glued on Robin the whole four hours they were there.

Sparklers by only_thewinds (fireworks)

Robin didn't believe in fireworks.

Not really. The one's that went off at celebrations, exploding bursts of color in the sky, sure. Those were real. She'd seen the displays that Americans shot off on Independence Day.

But the fireworks that Ted talked about - the ones he would rave about feeling and seeing shooting behind his eye-sockets when he kissed someone he loved - Robin thought it was complete and utter crap.

Seeing fireworks? Not real. Not a chance in hell. There were good kissers and bad kissers in this world, and Robin had kissed her fair share of both. She'd kissed quite a few people and never once had she experienced fireworks. People illicit a physical response and nothing else. End of story.

Even Simon, her teenage sweetheart, caused a whole lot of nothing. The first and second time. Fireworks weren't real.

Of course, the moment Robin staunchly believed something, it had to be disproven.

Just hours after her declaration that the firework phenomenon was fake, she was proven wrong. It was the night Simon dumped her, and she was upset. Barney showed up at the bar, and she took him home with fairly good intentions (she wasn't going to pretend that the idea had never crossed her mind). She showed him Sandcastles in the Sand, and viewing after viewing (in which Barney teased her mercilessly, and they both made fun of the video)) they inched closer and closer together. By number eight, they were pressed thigh to thigh, and Robin could feel the heat radiating from his leg to hers. She was so physically aware of ever inch of both of their bodies suddenly - the deep rise and fall of his chest, and the amount of time she kept her eyes open between blinks.

By the end of viewing number nine, she'd grabbed his tie and kissed him fiercely.

There was nothing hesitant about the kiss. There was no testing out the waters. It was unyielding and so incredibly physical that Robin didn't expect them when she saw them.


Well, almost. They were a bit more like sparklers - bright and fiery, sizzling at the ends.

The shower of sparks continued as they pushed closer to each other in a duel of tongues. They were getting to be a bit more like firecrackers, working their way up the chain. She dragged him by the tie to her bedroom, and things quickly became so white-hot there was no way for her to focus on what kind of fireworks were exploding behind her eyes.

They never did make it to Sandcastles in the Sand viewing number ten.

Fireworks in the Sky by garylevoxfan7 (fireworks)

One day it was the 4th of July and Barney had to work and he thought why couldnt I be with my friends.

He got off work that night and went to see the Fireworks then he went home and
went to bed and woke up the next morning and thought I'm awesome

Barney Becomes Dr. Horrible by garylevoxfan7 (fireworks)

One night Barney thought he would watch some videos and came across one that said
Dr Horribles Sing A Long Blog and He thought I should Become Dr Horrible and Cause Fireworks of my own.

And then Barney was Dr Horrible everyone couldnt belive how Barney became Dr Horrible then Barney said I'm awesome and he wouldnt do it to anyone.

Hospital Days by garylevoxfan7 (fireworks) (note: based on "Miracles")

Barney got a call that Ted was in the Hospital and ran to the hospital

Since they were Best friends then Barney got hit by the bus and he was Laying in the hospital bed

And Barney had casts on his arms and leg and had a neck brace on and then saw the Fireworks from his room

Then the others came in to see him and then said what are all of you doing here and they said because your our friend Barney few days later Barney was released from the hospital

Then the others went and took turns taking care of Barney

Then few weeks later Barney felt alot better

by snogged

“In The Summertime” by Thirsty Merc

Take me back to the sweet times
The hot nights
Everything is gonna be alright
In the summertime
Baby, in the summertime
And even if I have to wait ‘til next year
I don't care


Bad Things by Jace Everett

When you came in the air went out
And every shadow filled up with doubt
I don't know who you think you are
But before the night is through
I wanna do bad things with you


Runnin’ On Sunshine – Jesus Jackson

I must be running on sunshine
Ain't no rain getting in my way

Girl you got me acting real crazy
Chasing tail like some old dog
Oh I got this rocket
In my friendly pocket
Ready to explode like a bomb


Figured You Out – Nickelback

I like the freckles on your chest
And I like the way you like me best
And I like the way you're not impressed
While you put me to the test
I like the white stains on your dress


Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers

Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
It's not warm she's away.
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone.
And she's always gone too long
Every time she goes away.

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When You Say Nothing At All
The Mosby Hypothesis
Canada Day 2012
A Fairly True Story!
Sundressing Up
Fireworks in the Sky
Barney Becomes Dr. Horrible
Hospital Days

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