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Three times they answered and one time they let it ring 4/4

Title: Three times they answered and one time they let it ring
Author: lara_anne92
Rating: Nothing really
Charcters/pairings: Barney/Robin
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: Three times Barney and Robin are interrupted by phone calls. Spoilers for Splitsville

 A little ways down the road…

Once again, they’re about to kiss. He’s leaning over her and he’s never wanted anything more in his entire life. He had never believed in love. Never imagined that he would one day be getting married at a huge church wedding. Yet here he is, pledging his love to one woman. Forever. And nothing has ever felt so right. Because when it comes to Robin Scherbatsky, everything feels right. Which is why he is going to kiss her. He’s going to kiss her and prove beyond a doubt that she is the One for him. That she’s his best friend and soulmate and that no one and nothing else can compare.

And then his phone rings. The familiar, annoying sound echoes through the church and there’s complete silence. Then, slowly, deliberately, Barney pulls out his phone. Robin’s staring at him, looking so breathtakingly beautiful and he knows what he must do. So he takes a deep breath, tosses the phone aside and captures her lips with his. And finally, finally they’re kissing and he doesn’t think he’s ever felt happier. When they finally break away, he grins down at her.

”Scherbatsky”, he starts but she interrupts him.

“Phone tossing?”, she smirks. “Why did we never think of that.”

“I think we should start making it a habit. It’ll be legen- wait for it…”

Before he can finish, she pulls him closer for a kiss. They’ve waited long enough.



Tags: fanfiction
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