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Fanfic: Forever at Last, ch 30: The Difference Between Falling Stars and Satellites

It's baaaaaaaaaack. Due to's character limit, and my own predilection for long chapter titles (thankblame eeendje, as it's all her fault) there are two slightly different titles, for exactly the same content. Pick the platform you like, and read on.

Title: Forever at Last
Chapter: 30: The Difference Between Falling Stars and Satellites
Summary: A chance encounter at Ted and Tracy's wedding gets Barney and Robin thinking about the past...and the future.

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Robin, himym
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Happy Anniversary, Barney and Robin

End of the day here, and eeendje reminded me what day it is, so thought I'd pop in and blabber. 2017 may not be the happiest year for Barney and Robin (first year post-divorce in finale-world, for those who recognize it) but a good year for Barney's lungs (his last cigarette ever, for real this time.) For the fandom? Good question. There's been talk of the powers that be, being open to a revival, though the cast is doing rather well in their current projects, but that does speak to how, when the show was good, it was very, very good, and, for me, B/R was a huge part of that.

Three years after the show went off the air (four years in the lives of the characters) and, while yes, we have become smaller in number, I'm still glad to have our own gang here in this comm. If the show can spend a whole year on Barney and Robin's wedding, we can spend a weekend talking about them.

To steal from Inside the Actor's Studio, if you could have designed any future you wanted for Barney and Robin, where would Barney and Robin be right now? What are they doing on their anniversary this year? I'm still not sure if it was a good idea to watch the trailer for Cobie's new show, Friends From College immediately after watching the Love Actually mini-sequel,, wait, idea put me in a "where are they now" mood. It's much easier for me to imagine Barney and Robin still being together, than divorced and without contact (or caring) and I wish we'd been able to see that. I wouldn't mind dropping in, a few years down the line, to see how they're doing, still together, still happy, definitely not "settled down" in the traditional sense; they'd still be them, and I love that.

B/R remains one of my top ships, because they're not perfect. They're messed up and weird and kind of crazy sometimes, and, in my mind, they're going to keep on being that way, no matter how much time has passed. Will they have problems? Yes. Fights? Yes. Come back to each other? Also yes. That's how they roll, so happy anniversary, B/R, and here's to many more.

CBS passes on both new Bays/Thomas shows


It seems CBS passed on both new Bays/Thomas pilots,"DiStefano" and "Real Life". I know we wouldn't have watched anyway,but i think now they will be forced to admit how much they damaged their career with the terrible HIMYM ending. They've put their egoes before the sake of the story,and now they're paying the price for that. Meanwhile,the cast keeps working. The new Netflix series with Cobie,"Friends from College" will be released by Netflix in July,so that's great. And the Josh Radnor pilot for NBC,"Rise",was ordered to series.

3 Years Later: Let's talk about Season 9! (And the AU ending)

Almost three years ago,the Failnale went on air,and it changed our look at HIMYM forever. To "celebrate" this date,i thought to open a topic to talk about it. Here's a few questions to start the topic (but the conversation is free,of course):

-Has your feelings on the finale changed? Are you still angry? Or you don't care anymore?
-Was season 9 a good season overall,or was it completely pointless?
-Who is currently having the better career after the ending? And why are Neil and Cobie? :D
-Will you give another chance to Bays and Thomas with their new series,to see if they learnt from their mistakes,or are they "dead to you"?
-Do you think we will see a reunion someday,or it will never happen?

Like always,i apologize for the bad english :D But let's talk!


Because of the recent uptick in traffic here, I thought I'd advertise that I'm still updating my fic.

Title: A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings
Chapter: 49: Moving Day
Rating:  T
Summary: Small changes can cause big ripples, starting on the night Robin first walks into MacLaren's.  Barney/Robin focused AU based on the butterfly effect.

fanfiction meme????


I thought it might be fun to do a sort of mini fanfic meme! A bunch of us here write fic, and I at least love filling random requests — so like, basic rules apply?

1. Leave a comment with a 'fic scenario/prompt/single line/whatever.
2. If you see a prompt you like, write something — anything from one sentence to 100k words — using that prompt.
3. Multiple fills are okay! Multiple prompts are okay!
4. I get off my ass and write fanfic and pretend it's a meme!

BB: Oh God

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Title: Gretel
Author: trinity_destler
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Set sometime after 8.12, but probably best after Romeward Bound
Word Count: 1448
Summary: Robin and Ted are sitting in the bar. They talk.

I was doing some rewatching here and there and decided to sort of dip my toe into what it might have been like if Robin had ever been treated like a real lead character, with agency and stuff. I find big sections of the later seasons hard to deal with as a coherent whole because the writing is uneven and Ted is such a disater which no one is allowed to respond to in a realistic (even magical-realism-sitcom realistic) way. Not that this even begins to cover it, as it's just a rough scene idea, but it's coming from that place. I hope there's something resembling decent characterisation in it!

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