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Barney/Robin Shippers

Putting the Bro in OTP since 2005

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A community for those who support the legendary ship of BrOTP

WelcomeGeneral Info *salutes*Bros
Welcome to barneyrobin, where sixteen no's roughly translate to "HELL TO THE YEAH."

+ This community is open to anybody who is interested in the Barney/Robin ship on "How I Met Your Mother." In order to post in the community please JOIN US. Additionally, you can WATCH the community.

+ Feel free to post Barney/Robin-related fic, graphics, art, vids, musing, squeeing, etc.!

+ We at barneyrobin are a positive, wank-free comm. You will witness lots of love for each other, sharing of opinions and theories, and spirited discussion with respectful disagreement. Everyone should feel safe to express their opinion respectfully. If you want to bash a character, be disrespectful, wank, or troll, there are plenty of other communities that cater to that interest. This is not one of them. You are forewarned.
+ Every week when a new episode airs there will be an episode discussion post. Please keep all comments in these posts spoiler free for future episodes - all posts discussing spoilers must be tagged as such and under an lj-spoiler tag.

+ For the community's rules regarding spoilers, please check out this post!

+ Want to post fanfic? Please use the following format (or a close variation) when posting:

+ Please be a responsible member by tagging your posts. You can find our community tags HERE. Questions about tagging? Ask us at this post.

+ Our ship manifesto (if a bit dated) can be found HERE.

+ You can view our recommended BroTP fanworks HERE.

+ You can recommend your favorite BroTP fanworks (fic, art, picspams, vids, analyses, etc.) HERE!
We are proud to affiliate with the following communities:


+ If you would like to affiliate with us, please comment HERE.

+ Community advertising is fine, so long as it's "How I Met Your Mother" related.

+ For general HIMYM info, HIMYM Source is a pretty good bet!

+ And now, you can follow us on Twitter! @barneyrobin
Profile code thanks to Leaves of Yanara | Stylesheet thanks to thefulcrum | Credit for icons in headers from community's userpics

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